Turn your customers into brand ambassadors!

Promoting your product or service is as important as being the best quality provider of products or services in the market. Without promotion it is very hard for any business to prosper in the long run as people won’t be aware of the product. So what are the best ways of promoting? Advertising? But wait…how far are people actually reading the advertisements in print media today? Well the study shows decrease in the trend. What’s the next resort? Advertising on TV? Yes. The conversion rates are pretty high here as many people watch TV and also use products when it’s their favourite celebrity endorsing the product! This works really fine when you want to promote your product or service well. But here comes the hitch. The costs that are incurred for appointing a brand ambassador! You can look it up on internet and you’ll be amazed to see how the companies spend huge amounts on brand ambassadors. They are not really huge amounts for big companies! But if you’ve just begun your business or your turnover is not really huge, then advertising through brand ambassadors is not a suggestible idea!

So does that mean you cannot have brand ambassadors at all? No! You CAN! You definitely can! What most people do things realize is that the customers of the business can be the greatest brand ambassadors of the business! Yes. Heard that right! With this, you’ll not just have one or two people promoting your products or services but the entire customer base. Sounds interesting right? But the real challenge lies in the task of converting your customers into brand ambassadors. Not that it’s hard. But yes you need to put in your efforts. And why not? You do not pay a penny to these brand ambassadors right? So let’s see how to get your customers to promote your product or service and turn into brand ambassadors.

Customer satisfaction

customer-satisfaction Turn your customers into brand ambassadors!

If you want to your customers to promote your brand, they must be first satisfied with what your company does. Remember that it is your satisfied customers who are going to bring the maximum sales to your business by word of mouth publicity. Employ different customer satisfaction and customer retention strategies to make your customers happy!

Retain your existing customers

Virgo_11 Turn your customers into brand ambassadors!

The customers who are with you from a long time are more likely to build brand awareness of your product than the ones who are newly associated. Right Customer retention strategies like giving coupons, gift vouchers to loyal customers etc will make them your brand ambassadors!

Remember to take Customer feedback

Customerfb-1 Turn your customers into brand ambassadors!

You need to know what your customers think of your products. Take their feedback and respond to them. A simple ‘Thank you for your valuable customer feedback‘ will put smiles on their faces. Trust me it’s worth the effort.

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