Top 6 qualities of good salesmen

The success of any business concern depends largely on the efficiency of the sales team. A good sales team contributes to a great turnover that helps a business to survive in the competitive world. Especially now a days where there’s cut throat competition, the importance of salesperson is increasing by leaps and bounds. So, the business organizations are very particular about choosing good salesmen.

What qualities should you posses in order to be a good salesmen? What are the salesmen qualities that every business is looking for today? Read on this blog post to know the top qualities of good salesperson. Adopt them and March towards being a good salesmen with excellent salesmen qualities. Let’s get started!

Top 6 qualities of good salesmen


1) Attractive Personality

1488393809464.jpg-what_can_easybuild_do_for_your_business_ Top 6 qualities of good salesmenOne of the most important salesmen qualities is to have an attractive personality. A good salesman is one who can attract his customers towards him by his personality. Your personality should be charming and approachable which creates a good impression about you on your customers. Remember that, “First impression is the best impression”.

First impression is greatly dependent on your personality. An attractive personality includes appropriate dressing, smart approach, impressive voice and engaging talks. The most important task of a Salesperson is to grab the attention of his prospective customers towards him first and then persuading them to buy it. To make this possible, you must have an attractive personality that leaves behind a good impression about you.

2) Great presence of mind

Top Traits of good salesmen includes having a great presence of mind. Salesperson should be able to analyse the needs of the customer by their talks. This is not everybody’s cup of tea and it requires great presence of mind and observational skills. Good salesmen are always keen observes. They observe the needs of their customers by the way they speak and their body language. Accordingly, they pitch in about their product or service. Good salesmen should always be all eyes on the speaking patterns of their customers.

3) Persuasion skills

The main focus of good salesmen is to convince the prospective customer about the product or service and persuade them to buy it. Not everybody can convince people that their product is just what the customers are looking for. The persuasion skills in itself is a vast domain. Great salesmen qualities include the skills of persuasion. Good salesmen should know the art of convincing people about their product or service. This is the core salesperson skills that many companies are looking for today.

4) Cheerful disposition

There’s a Chinese saying, “A person who doesn’t have a smiling face should not open a shop”. This is very true in practical world. Without a smiling face, you seem unapproachable and unwelcoming to your customers. One of the best salesmen skills of is to have a contagious smile. You are sending positive vibes about yourself and your company when you’re having that wide smile on your face.

5) Patience

A Salesperson might be knocked down many times by their customers upfront but this doesn’t mean they should stop. One who stops at this cannot be good salesmen. One of the most important salesmen qualities is to be patient while dealing with the customers. Not everybody will buy the product and in the same way, not everybody will reject the product. Good salesmen are always patient and they are not annoyed by the possible rejections or objections.

6) Complete knowledge about product and company

Customers might throw up plenty of questions about the product or the company and good salesmen is one who’s prepared to answer all of them well in advance. No matter what questions are going to be put forth against you, you must be able to mail them. Just knowing about the product wouldn’t suffice and you also need to have complete knowledge about your company. Remember that lack of answering capability will leave behind a deep negative impact about your company in the minds of your customers. That’s the last thing you want, right? So, have complete knowledge about your product and company.

That was a small list of qualities of good salesperson that I could share with you in a blog post. The list of salesperson skills is a more lengthy one and you can grab all of them in my book, “SELL WELL“, where I have compiled the salesmen qualities and tips to become good salesmen. There’s much more in the book including selling techniques and strategies which will help you in being good salesmen. If you have any doubts, drop in your queries in the comments section below and I’ll get back to you with the answers.

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