Top 5 tips for effective objection handling

When I started my career as a Salesperson, I could observe that there were a lot of customers who would keenly listen to my sales presentation but in the end while I’m trying to close the deal, they would come up with some objections. Gradually, as time passed by, I could observe that objections are inevitable when it comes to selling. Yes! That is the harsh truth!

Objections are definitely inevitable. But, objections should never be perceived as a door that is slammed in your face. Objections are rather those doors that are half opened. It all depends on you to convert your objections into sales. Objection handling becomes very important as they will form major portion of your sales. By acquiring the skills of overcoming objections, you can achieve great sales. Objection handling defines how good a Salesperson you are. Read on this blog post and take home some amazing objection handling techniques for overcoming sales objections.

Top 5 tips for effective objection handling


1) Be receptive to objections

My first objection handling tips would be to stay receptive to the objections. Do not see objections as a closure of deal but view them as opportunities to explain about your product or service to your prospectives again. Remember that objections stand different from rejections. Rejections are a straight no. Objections are always better as you at least are having an opportunity to begin the conversation and start persuading your customers. The moment your spirits are brought down on receiving common sales objections, you will lose the deal. So, for overcoming sales objections, first thing to do is stay receptive.

2) Be empathic

empathy Top 5 tips for effective objection handlingBest way of handling objections is to be empathic towards your customers. Note that not all of your customers will be great at decision making. What I have personally observed is that, most of the times they are confused! And that is a great opportunity for you. Stand in the shoes of your customers and view your product in their perspective. This will give you an idea about how they’re looking at your product and you can pitch in accordingly. Connect with them and let them know you genuinely care for them. Overcoming objections in sales becomes a way easier job when you can be empathic.

3) Ask your customers

When you’re handling objections, you must ask your customers as to why they’re objecting your product or service. Once you know the reason, it becomes much easier for you to persuade them according to various objections. This will soothe the process of sales objection handling. You will notice that there will be some common sales objections and once you know which category the objections belongs, it becomes easier for overcoming objections in sales.

4) Ask them “Yes” questions

After you’re doing asking themquestion_customers-300x227 Top 5 tips for effective objection handling questions about why they’re objecting your product or service, next step would be to throw some more questions at them. Remember that when you’re asking questions, it shouldn’t seem like you’re shooting questions at them back to back. Keep it interactive, friendly and chatty. Effective objection handling starts when you start asking them right questions at the right time.

Ask them yes or no questions that will mostly give you “Yes”. Psychology says that, in most cases, when you’re customers are made to say “yes”, it becomes harder for them to reject your product or service. So, craft your questions smartly and we’ll in advance. This sales objections handling technique has personally helped me a lot. For overcoming sales objections, this is the most applied trick, I can say!

5) Demonstrate value

I keep telling my sales team all the time, “Until there’s a need, you cannot feed!”. There should be a need in your customers and only then will they purchase from you. The need shouldn’t necessarily be natural and a good salesman will be an expert in “creating” the need. Need can be generated only when you’re effectively demonstrating value to them. Tell them what’s in it for them. Tell them clearly how it can be helpful to them. Show them that there’s genuine value in your product or service. When you’re overcoming objections, demonstrating value is the crucial part that can either make the deal or break the deal. Objection handling becomes an easy job if you’ve mastered the art of demonstrating value! The math behind is pretty simple! Tell them what’s in it for them, and they’ll be inclined towards buying it.

They were some of objection handling techniques that can be effectively used for overcoming objections in sales. The entire process of objection handling becomes very simple by applying these simple yet effective objection handling techniques. Find more objection handling techniques, examples of some common sales objections, secrets of overcoming objections etc in my book, “SELL WELL” that is a complete guide on selling. You will find much more in the book that will help you in effective objection handling.
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