Top 5 selling techniques that actually work

You might come across a lot of conventional ways of selling. But, what are the selling techniques that work in today’s scenario? Not all the sales techniques or sales tips that you might have heard are going to work for you. That’s because the business world is changing and so are ways of selling. For the changing business scenario, you need to be acquainted with the selling techniques that are flexible and dynamic. There’s no point in wasting your efforts on old school selling techniques that are outdated today. Read on these selling techniques that are flexible and dynamic which actually work in real life scenario. Let’s get started!

Selling techniques that work

1) Let your customers know that you’re the bestthe_best-300x297 Top 5 selling techniques that actually work

For your customers to purchase from you, the first thing that should happen is they must feel convinced that you’re the best. There are a lot of competitors and you need to stand out from them, right? A best salesperson is one who’s very confident about himself and his product and the company. Tell them exactly how you stand out from your competitors and that doesn’t mean, you just tell them that you’re the best.

If you have any certifications, awards etc received from media and newspapers, then why don’t you show it off? By showing your customers the accomplishments, they’ll be convinced to purchase from you. Don’t seem too desperate to sell your product. One of the best selling techniques I can provide you is that you need to talk about the product and company in such a way that your customers are desperate to purchase from you. That’s when you’ll shine! Don’t just read this, but take this sales techniques home now!

2) Establish good connect

This is one of best sales techniques that’s worked wonders for me. Don’t just see your customers as a money generating prospect. Instead, develop good connections with them by starting your conversations in a friendly tone. Let them know that you genuinely care for them. The best sales tips to establish good connect is by giving them friendly honest suggestions. Appreciate your customers when they’re trying on your products if you’re a product based industries. Try to make more connections with them and don’t just focus on getting a deal. In most cases, when you’re trying to make connections, you’ve already got the deal!

3) Create a sense of urgency

Many people are not buying your product or availing your service simply because they are not in immediate need of it. They will postpone the act of purchasing, but, unfortunately they’ll forget about it in some time. You need to create a sense of urgency in your prospectives that will drive them to take a call for action. You can tell them sentences like, “We are afraid you might not be able to purchase this product next month at this price”, “This product has high demand, and it might be out of stock next week” and the like. By doing so, you are creating sense of urgency in them which will drive to make a call. This is one of the effective sales techniques which will drive your customers to purchase from you.

4) Draw comparisons

One of the effective sales techniques and sales tips is to draw comparisons. You can clearly draw comparisons between your product and that of your competitors and tell them how you stand out. Another way of looking at it is to draw comparisons between them and your other Customers. You can always tell them how other Customers are desperate to buy from you, the chances are this will make your customers desperate to buy from you. When they know many people are buying from you, they’re more interested to buy from you too! That’s a common tendency, right? This is one of the selling techniques that’s working for many people today.

5) Let the customers be your heroescusotmer_hero-300x300 Top 5 selling techniques that actually work

All of your services and talks must revolve around your customers. Customers are the king of market and they’re your heroes. This is one of the sales techniques that’s been prevalent from a long time. A simple, yet an effective one. Make them your hero, show them you care, give them suggestions and advices, tell them how important they are to you, take the feedback, work on the negative feedback, build strong rapport with customers, cater to their changing needs, provide them after sales services…The list goes on. This is the best sales techniques that’s working today. Customers are interested to make connections with those who give them highest priority.
They were some of the selling techniques that I could share with you. For more sales techniques, get hold of my book, “SELL WELL“, where you can find more selling tips and selling techniques that are inspired by my personal experiences. Let me know the selling techniques you employ and drop in your queries about sales techniques in the comments section below.

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