Effective time management skill to improve your business


“Managing time effectively is a great problem to people of all ages. While some people can complete the tasks within a stipulated time, some cannot!  Is it because the former group of people have more than 24 hours a day? No right? So what is it that’s helping them in managing time effectively?


A successful business man knows the importance of time and possess different time management skills in order to run a successful business. If you are a business owner, you will have various domains that requires your attention. From what’s going on around the world to what’s going on in your market, from the status of works to the status of employees, from stock management to debtor management and so on…

The list is long.

As a business owner you need to keep an eye on all the activities that are happening in your organization and along side with making time Family which fullfils your emotional needs. Thus as and when your business expands, it gets harder to manage time effectively. Nonetheless at the end of the day it all lies in our hands! In this blog, I’ve listed a few effective time management tips.

Let’s get started!


4 Effective time management tips to help improve your business

1) Plan your day

Smartphone-to-do-list-1024x682 Effective time management skill to improve your business

First things first. In order to learn Time management, planning plays a major role. Planning the activities of your day in prior will remove the stress. It ensures thatthe activities are completed smoothly without any hurdles. So the first thing you need to do every morning is to plan different activities of your day. Don’t forget to include the buffer time in between, While doing the planning.

2) Prioritize your activities

4371882781_a26b66b576_b Effective time management skill to improve your businessDivide your activities into different categories based on their priorities and follow the same order while carrying them out. Activities that urgently require your attention needs to be completed first. Similarly, the activities that are of less importance at present can be done after finishing all the other activities. This way, time can be managed rather wasting on activities which can be done later.

3) Organize your work

time-management Effective time management skill to improve your business

Organize all your activities systematically and execute them accordingly. Organising helps you not to fall into the trap of thinking that you can complete your works as and when it crosses your mind! And you’ll forget the activities and you’ll remain not waste time in being idle for a long period of time without doing anything productive.

4) Break your tasks into chunks of smaller tasks

Office2 Effective time management skill to improve your businessAs a business owner, there will be a lot of activities that requires your attention, especially while you are making important decisions for your business, the stress is higher. This stress will lead to unnecessary wastage of time. Hence make a habit of diving your task into chunks of smaller tasks and complete them step by step, one after other. This will not only reduce stress but also save time!

These are some of the Time management Tips which will be useful in managing time effectively. To know the importance of Time management and various Time management

skills with practical analogies and illustrations, get hold of my book “16 Business Secrets” in which I speak about Time management in depth with 15 more secrets that will boost your business.

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