How to motivate your sales team?

A motivated sales team determines the success of any company.

Imagine yourself on a warm winter night, how does it feel when you are sitting near a warm fireplace in your cozy living room? “COMFORTABLE RIGHT!!!” Similarly, the way that we feel inside reflects our mood outside and the same effect our performance.

espfinzeo-1 How to motivate your sales team?If we are feeling sloppy or bored chances are that you will end up coming late to work and then the same attitude is reflected when we interact with the customers. The inner feeling of happiness, energetic, creativity and joyfulness brings out best in us and we transfer the same energy in our work and to our customers.
As sales plays a vital role in the success, prosperity and growth of any business, it is very important that we handle and motivate the Sales team in the right manner, so that consistency of achieving the sales targets is maintained.

Right perception in our business, which is self defined, instead of being influenced by others is also very important. Success is achieved Only by having right perception.
Here are some of the techniques you can use to keep your sales team motivated and also learn how to create growth oriented ambience at the business.

3 ways to motivate your sales team.

1) Incentivise Sales Team

  • Setting basic salary and providing high incentive, based on the sales person’s performance. This tremendously motivates them since whatever extra efforts they put would get duly rewarded.
  • Promoting them to next level, rewarding them with trips/tours, cash rewards, providing a new post can also motivate them.
  • Insurance coverage for the Sales people and their family can also be a reward for their work.
  • Fulfilling their basic requirement such as give the Sales Team what they are looking for; which they can’t get it in outside world.
  • The talented, energetic hungry tigers in any organisation is the sales team. These are the ones who can work very effectively and take our business to the next level. Identify and nurture them. Feed these hungry tigers with challenges and fairly compensate them for their achievements.
  • Keep challenging competitions and reward the winners. This would greatly motivate them to push their efforts to the next level.

2) Conducting One-to-One with any Sales Person

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Having one to one meetings with the sales team greatly enhances mutual understandings, addresses any misunderstandings that might be and develops a stronger bondage. Here are some of the ways to conduct one-to-one sessions with your Sales team members. These could also be used when we are interviewing potential Sales candidates to bring them onboard.

  • Knowing the person is very important. Find out about his/her family background, education, hobbies, need for them to come for this work, their dreams and strengths.
  • Create a comfortable and calm atmosphere the sales person may help sales people to open up in a more efficient manner.
  • Know about their understanding towards sales and how well they know the product/services they are working on.
  • Clarify and address all their doubts, so that they would have clear vision and clarity in doing their sales.
  • Motivate them to overcome the challenges by subtly look out and observe the sales team.
  • The Company’s roadmap has to be explained to the sales team. What is our future dream? and what role the Sales Person could play in company’s growth to take it to its dream target.

3) Creating growth oriented ambience in your business.

  • For any business to sustain it is very important to motivate and reward the achievements of sales team.
  • Displaying top achiever’s images will motivate your sales team to achieve their next targets.
  • Displaying motivational pictures, Quotes etc. in vantage and visible locations across the office.
  • It is very important to speak and identify about achievers all the time. Maintain this exercise both during official meetings/through online and also with casual, offline discussions.

There are many more motivational techniques that I could share with you. Get hold of my book, “SELL WELL“”, where you can find more selling tips and selling and motivation techniques that are inspired by my personal experiences. Let me know the motivation techniques you employ and drop in your queries about sales techniques in the comments section below.

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