Best tips for effective sales communication

Good Communication skills is crucial for good sales. Without communicating well with your customers, you can never demonstrate value to your customers and so you will never be able to generate required sales. In departments like accounting, finance, computer software development and the like, communication skills can still be given a backseat! But then when it comes to sales, effective sales communication is of utmost importance! Communication skills for sales representative is the core quality that’s going to make his or her career or break it. There are a plenty of sales communication techniques that forms part of good selling skills. I have compiled some of the best sales communication techniques that are crucial for making best sales by my personal experience. Read on and take home some effective communication skills for sales representative. Let’s get started!

Top 5 tips for effective sales communication

1. Connect with your customers

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Before you start demonstrating about your products to your customers, try to build a good connection with them. This can be done by asking them simple questions about what they do, where they are from and so on. If they are from your town or you have some connection with their town, you can scratch a conversation about that. Believe me, this has worked wonders for me and I can say this will make them feel connected to you and helps in building an excellent rapport. Once the rapport is built with a customer, it’s much easier to demonstrate about the product to them and convince them to buy it. So, start building connections with your customers before you get down to business.

2. Take note of your body language

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Communication skills for sales representative doesn’t only comprise of the verbal communication that you make but also the non verbal communication that is shown through your body language. If you approach them with confidence and smile, there are high chances that your customers would be interested to listen to you. On the other hand, if you seem dull, they might turn you down upfront. Your gestures too can communicate a lot about your confidence and product. Your selling skills can be improved by restructuring your body language. It should be approachable and friendly instead of dull and boring.

3. Be an active listener

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Being an active listener is one of the important selling skills everyone should adopt. By this, I don’t mean that you listen to them pointlessly! Listen to them and make notes of what are their needs or what they’re looking for. Accordingly, tune in your language and make a proposal to them. Listen to their needs first. Remember that you can make sales to them in most cases when you know what are their needs.

4. Be curious and ask relevant questions

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What I have observed in many salespersons is that, the moment they find a customer, they go on and on about their product or service. This is a total time waste activity is what I can say. 90% of the cases you wouldn’t be generating any sales by pointlessly pitching in to a plenty of customers. What you can instead do, is to ask questions to your prospective customers. Stay curious and dig into the details of what they’re looking for. Ask relevant questions that will have some relevance with the product you’re trying to sell. This is one of the best sales communication skills you can develop. By doing this, you will get a clear picture of what your customers need from you and you can move on to providing them the necessary details from then on.

5. A pleasant voice tone

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Your voice tone, voice pitch, the speed and the choice of words you make can affect the way your words are being interpreted by your valuable customers. In order to make an effective sales communication, you need to know how to make your voice modulations. Especially if you have to apply your selling skills while making a sales pitch over the phone, the only thing that can build an impression about your product or service is your voice. Listen carefully to the speaking patterns of your prospective customers, and try to mirror the same speaking patterns in cases where it makes sense to do so. I don’t mean to say, you have to adopt the exact lingo they use! Speak in a way that makes them comfortable and at the same time stay professional and formal in your approach.

This was a small compilation of the communication skills for sales representative. To get more tips on effective sales communication that are simple yet effective which works in practical world, check out my book, “SELL WELL” where you can find more sales communication techniques. You can also know the best of selling skills that work in real life scenarios.

Share your thoughts on how this blog came handy to you in the comments section below. Also, if you have any queries, feel free to ask and I will be delighted to help you out! Having said that, I wish you a happy selling experience!

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